Monday, October 31, 2011

No municipal elections this year

The chances that the municipal elections to be returned next year are high. There are several reasons that citizens are not called to the polls this year. The municipal elections will most likely be postponed until next year. Very well informed sources, we learn that the chances they take place before the end of this year are minimal. Hervé Aimée, Minister of Local Government, confirmed elsewhere. "It will be difficult to hold municipal elections this year," the minister conceded. This also applies for village elections. Hervé Aimée could, again, an amendment to return the election contest, as it did in 2010. Indeed, while the city should have taken place last year, an amendment of the law had been postponed to 2011. Finally, they should be held in 2012. "The elections, says Hervé Aimée will be held under the new Local Government Act. The bill is not yet debated in Parliament. "With the presentation of the national budget by the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Xavier-Luc Duval, on Friday, and the debates that will ensue, the Local Government Bill will be introduced by mid-November. As this text is of prime importance and contains controversial issues relating to democracy, parliamentarians should be particularly likely to want to speak on the subject. Once the text is debated and voted, it will be the President of the Republic of assent for the Local Government Act to become law and be published in the Government Gazette to show its application. Again, this process should take at least two weeks. For now, the minister said Aimee did not know when the bill is passed in the Assembly. "The Prime Minister will decide when the project will pass Parliament. I can not say when. " In addition, Hervé Aimée has to engage in extensive consultations to explain his project to the public. "I will meet with local authorities, after the Budget, at a rate of twice a week." There are five cities and four district councils. The exercise should take more than two weeks to complete. "The dialogue is absolutely necessary, says the minister, because this law will bring many changes ..." To this must be given one month to the Election Commission to hold elections. The likelihood that the government organizes elections and village during the holidays and New Year are random, or almost improbable. Hervé Aimée insists that the city take place under the new law, "if it is not worth the trouble. " If the elections take place before the adoption of the text, "it would be a mess. Better to do it in the light of a law well structured. " It remains at the level of municipal councils, one wonders what will become the choice of new mayors. The exercise should be held in late November, in the absence of municipal governments. There is still a blur on the subject, suggests Hervé Aimée.

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