Monday, October 31, 2011

The world's population passes the 7 billion


The world crosses the threshold of Monday seven billion'habitants, according to UN estimates, which emphasizes on this occasion the growing inequalities in the world and the necessary distribution of wealth in order to rem├ędier.Le level of 6 billion had been reached in 1999 .
For the Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, marking the event with a press conference, the transition to 7 billion is not taken lightly. "This is not a simple matter of numbers. It's a human story," he said in a New York school last week.
 "Seven million people need food. Energy. Interesting offers in terms of jobs and education. Rights and freedom. Freedom of expression. The freedom to raise children in peace and in security. Everything that everyone wants for itself, multiplied by 7 billion, "said the UN chief.
This is the message that the Secretary-General should be brought before the G20 summit next week in Cannes facing a growing population in a context of global economic crisis, world leaders should expect more riots.
The United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA), which published Friday's latest report predicts that the population will continue to grow to 9.3 billion by 2050.
The seven-billionth human being
Asia has symbolically welcomed Monday the seven-billionth human being, a small Philippine answering the first name of Danica whose birth joyfully celebrated in Manila also highlights the enormous challenges of population growth. Danica May Camacho, born two minutes before midnight Sunday at the Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital, a public hospital in the Philippine capital, is a lovely little girl of 2.5 kg. His parents, Camille and Dalura Florante Camacho, were welcomed by representatives of the United Nations who had brought a small cake for the occasion.
According to the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA), the Philippines is the twelfth most populous country in the world with 94.9 million inhabitants, of whom 54% are under 25 years. China is the most populous country with 1.35 billion people, followed by India, which has 1.24 billion.

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