Monday, October 24, 2011

Péreybère: a French national arrested with Rs 4 million Subutex


Viator Pierre Martin, a French 57 year old was arrested by the Mauritian authorities for trafficking in Subutex. He was arrested shortly after his arrival on Wednesday by the anti-drug brigade had declared that they pose after his luggage had been lost at the airport.
French is spent in the objects to be declared, no doubt thought he could escape control. 2744 tablets estimated at about Rs 4 million, Rs 1500 unit, were discovered in a box puzzle after an X-ray examination
He was arrested in an apartment in Grand Baie in the delivery of their baggage, as two of his contacts from Mauritians get the package. This is Gino Appasamy, 37, living in Terre Rouge and Jeremie Agathe, 18, living Goodlands They were not stuck with the anti-drug brigade.
According to the police investigation, they must be linked to a network of Mauritians living in Paris, as Pierre Martin Viator. He explained that he had agreed to convey this parcel against Euro 2000 in Mauritius. In the coming days it will provide further clarification of its role in this treafic drugs. .

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