Monday, October 24, 2011

Two brothers died in a fire at Grand Sable

 Two half brothers, both aged 2 years, died in a house fire. The tragedy occurred shortly before 11 o'clock this morning as they slept. Prisoners of the flames, Fabrice and Benito were found charred by the fire brigade. They come from a blended family with seven children. The other five children and mother were rescued narrowly by firefighters. The house of concrete and covered with sheet was ravaged by fire whose origin is unknown at this stage. Samuel, the uncle of two victims, has told Radio Plus. "Nobody knows how the fire started. Furthermore, seven children, adults live in the house. The two victims are my nephews. One of them is from a previous marriage of my brother, "he recounts. A resident of the area, testified that the fire is still in shock. "The mother of the children also suffered burns. Unfortunately we could not do anything to save two children, "she says. An investigation was initiated to establish the circumstances of this tragedy.

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