Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Subutex traffic on the Paris-Plaisance: Lazer will report to the Ambassador of France


The social worker Ally Lazer (photo) will present this Thursday, October 27 a record of multiple pages on Subutex traffic between Paris-Plaisance to the ambassador of France. The report blames 25 people, including pharmacists, as well as hotel owners.

After investigating for nearly eleven months of Subutex traffic between Mauritius and France, the social worker Ally Lazer will present the findings of its investigation to the ambassador of France, Jean-Fran├žois Dobelle, this Thursday, October 27th at 10:00. The report, according to the social worker, involves 25 people, Mauritian and French, he cites among pharmacists, owners of hotels and other tourism stakeholders.
The social worker was based on the different cases of trafficking in Subutex, which since 2007 are the headlines.Figure among the French steward, Christophe Caterino, who had imported more than 50,000 tablets of Subutex and Sada Curpen was one time suspected by the Mauritian authorities to be at the head of a network of Subutex.
"In November 2010 I started this survey, I went to Paris and I could have the support of some officers of the brigades of drugs. I stayed for two weeks in France, and I went back a second time in February, " he says. " I prefer to use the French authorities, because I do not trust the authorities of Mauritius. The situation is serious, because Maurice is flooded with Subutex, simply go to rehabilitation centers to make you realize how addicts have easy access to drugs especially Subutex, " he says .
"I hope the authorities will soon get to at work, and that sanctions be taken against the 25 people I'm to blame in my investigation," he says .

The last entry Subutex, involving French, dating back to last week. A man named Pierre Martin Viator, 57 years old was arrested at Pereybere, in possession of more than a thousand tablets of this substitute for heroin. 

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