Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pravind Jugnauth: "I have not touched a penny from the sale of MedPoint"


The leader of the MSM puts points on the "i".Pravind Jugnauth said he did not get a penny of Rs 144, 7 million from the sale of the former MedPoint clinic in which he held shares. Pravind Jugnauth made ​​the clarification on the Radio The higher this morning after the deputy prime minister and finance minister, Xavier-Luc Duval, told the National Assembly yesterday that the check of Rs 144, 7,000,000, issued by the State on December 29 for the MedPoint acquisition in the geriatric hospital project, has already been cashed. Pravind Jugnauth surprised that members of the government majority did not accept his motion claiming that the allocation of Rs 144, 7 million is dismissed because an investigation by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) is underway in the case MedPoint. He presented a motion to that effect yesterday in the National Assembly during the debate on the Supplementary Appropriation (2010) Bill. The leader of the MSM claimed that the item (redemption of MedPoint by the State) is removed from the Supplementary Bill . His motion was supported by the MMM. With the exception of the member of the OPR Rodrigues, Francisco Francis, who abstained, voted in the opposition bloc in favor of the motion of Pravind Jugnauth. However, the government camp voted against. Thus, the motion was rejected by 36 votes against 29 votes. At the end of the parliamentary session, the Appropriation Bill Supplemantary was adopted, approving the additional expenditure for the year 2010, which are not included in Budget 2009 . "The masks have fallen! The government made ​​all kinds of allegations and has accused the MSM especially [in MedPoint].Today, he defended the payment. Some MPs like Nita Deerpalsing had made ​​some comments. She had, in particular, suggested that 'everything that is legal is moral. " Today we see their real faces, "thundered a Pravind Jugnauth. MedPoint Business: Lormus Bundhoo meets Pravind Jugnauth Wednesday, October 26. The health minister accused the leader of the MSM "have induced Parliament in error." Lormus Bundhoo issued a statement last night to respond to attacks by Pravind Jugnauth against the government. The leader of the MSM accuses the government of defending the payment of Rs 144, 7 million in the previous clinical MedPoint. Lormus Bundhoo speaks of "masquerade", arguing that it Pravind Jugnauth had "authorized the payment" of the time when he was finance minister. He added that close to the leader of the MSM has pocketed Rs 15 million from the sale of MedPoint on December 29. 

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