Wednesday, October 26, 2011

World Map: ranking of countries by size of man sex ...

The Congolese can boast the longest ... dingdongs the world. This is demonstrated by a world map that compares countries in terms of penis size. Online this weekend by Target Map it attracts the curiosity of visitors. Even if we do not know how the measurements were made, the map shows that it is the Congolese who have the longest penis in the world with a average of 17, 93 cm. They are ahead of the little Ecuadorians (17, 77 cm). No photo for third place. Ghanaians are getting the bronze medal with an average of 17, 31 cm. The French and Belgians save the honor of the Old Continent. They are high in the rankings with an average of 14.88 to 16.10 cm. A question that torments the mind that has the smallest penis? Balance unflattering to some Asian countries who find themselves with an average of 9, 66 to 11.67 cm. Very clever one who can guess the place would have occupied Mauritius in the rankings. It will look beautiful but our country is not listed in this card .... Like no other.

Maybe Mauritius will be on the next list,lets wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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