Monday, November 7, 2011

Arvin Boolell: "Women should be present at the municipal and general elections"

The foreign minister, Arvin Boolell, who was conducting the inauguration of a multi purpose complex in the village of Vieux Grand Port on Sunday 6 November, appealed to the women to be more present in and general municipal elections. He also praised the budget for Xavier Luc Duval to its social dimension. " We want women to be more present on the political scene "is the wish expressed by the foreign minister, Arvin Boolell who participated in the inauguration of a multi purpose complex in Vieux Grand Port this Sunday, November 6 in the presence of two other elected officials in the region: Satyadeo Mootia and Mahen Seeruttun. He, in his speech said that women should occupy a more important role in the modernization of Mauritian society. " We find that women are very active in the judiciary or the head of some institutio ns, "he acknowledged. " But when it comes to politics whether in local or Parliament we find that they are absent. Efforts should be made ​​in this direction , "he said. Arvin Boolell said, however, it was not until the promulgation of the New Local Government Act for there to be changes. The foreign minister obviously has welcomed the budget presented by Finance Minister Xavier Luc Duval. " This budget includes a social component that will enable Mauritians to better take char ge, "he said. He has praised the measures to revive the sector of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). He also expressed his satisfaction on the fact that this budget puts great emphasis on training young people.

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