Monday, November 7, 2011

Ramgoolam once again questioned the hedging on the State Trading Corporation


The next parliamentary session does not look an easy to Navin Ramgoolam. It will, among other things, explain the performance of hedging done by the State Trading Corporation (STC) in 2008, but also the theft on his property in Roches Noires.
No fewer than 23 arrests will be sent to the Prime Minister at the parliamentary session of Tuesday, October 8.Among those that should trigger the passions, we retain the arrest of Pravind Jugnauth returning on the back of hedging. The leader of the Militant Socialist Movement (MSM) will attempt to know the Prime Minister whether the State Trading Corporation (STC) had obtained government approval before hiring the company's hedging which cost Rs 5 billion to consumers. Even if the question is addressed to the leader of the government majority, the Minister Rajesh Jeetah that could end up in trouble. Pravind Jugnauth said to have a document issued by the STC, which confirms that the Minister Jeetah had given his blessing to the transaction. The leader of the MSM will also raise the satellite town project in Highlands. Other interpellation to be addressed to the head of government and For the Minister Jeetah, that the accident that involved his car and a deer. MP Raffick Sorefan seek details of the accident on October 8 last Sodnac. Navin Ramgoolam will also explain the effectiveness of the Prevention of Corruption Act (POCA) and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ICAC). He will be questioned, for this purpose by members Steve and Alan Ganoo Obeegadoo, respectively. Obeegadoo invite Steve before the prime minister to decide on the participation of the Republic elected in religious ceremonies. He asked whether the Prime Minister will hold consultations with all political parties to reach consensus on the subject. The member from the MSM Mahen Seeruttun return, meanwhile, the case of theft committed in the camp in July Navin Ramgoolam last. The matter was reported to police by a close associate of Prime Minister. Mahen Jhugroo ask the Prime Minister with information explaining the procedures for deciding the charge against a taxi driver in the Court of Mapou. The latter was sentenced for vagrancy when a complaint alleging sexual touching had been filed against him by a girl of eleven years. After the many criticisms against the examinations for promotion within the police force, Satish Boolell offer Prime Minister to leave now to Mauritius Examination Syndicate is responsible for organizing events.Another question on the police force has Kee Chong Li Kwong Wing, it relates to Police Quarters crumbling in various parts of the country. The opposition MP wants to know the number of old residential buildings that need to be demolished. The MP Maya Hanoomanjee invite the head of government to make public the circular issued by the Commissioner of Police asking his officers to object any request for bail from a defendant already on parole. MEEA member Adil Ameer which has information about the possible dismantling of the unity of the drug squad of Green Plain for its part will seek to demonstrate the effectiveness of this unit.

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