Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ashock Jugnauth believes a 60-0 victory in the event of an alliance between MMM / PTR

----------------------------------------------------------The leader of the National Union sees a possible alliance between the Mauritian Militant Movement (MMM) and the Labour Party (NTP) a 60-0 victory in the event of an early general election.
Ashock Jugnauth continues its momentum by the praise of a possible alliance MMM / PTR. "The MMM and the PTR represant about 80% of the electorate of the country. If these two parties, with a good electoral reform and a Second Republic, working together for the country, there will be a result of 60-0 " , said Ashock Jugnauth at the convention of the National Union this Friday, November 11, at Lallmatie.
According Ashock Jugnauth, Navin Ramgoolam regret if it does not take a proper decision. "If he thinks only of himself, he will be prime minister for several years and no more. But history will condemn him for being selfish. And these decisions must be made ​​quickly, " began the leader of the National Union for the crowd.
Responding to questions from the press, Ashock Jugnauth maintained that no negotiations have been engaged with the PTR at the moment, without consultation with the MMM. He adds, however, in discussion with Paul Berenger. "We are already with the MMM. On the sidelines of a possible alliance, we will discuss with the leader of the opposition, " he said.
"I came to the conclusion that, given the representation of both parties to the electorate, having an entire nation behind a stable and solid, of course, we will provide a positive outcome," he added .
In that it is the negotiations between the MMM and the Militant Socialist Movement (MSM), he says he "can not be unaware of what is happening on the ground" . If a return of Sir Anerood Jugnauth in the political arena, Ashock Jugnauth said he sees no reason that after being at home in 25 years of political career, he would no longer be due the return of that whatsoever.

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