Friday, November 11, 2011

Glowsticks in Mauritius

----------------------------------------------------------Glow sticks (also known as light sticks) are translucent plastic tubes containing a mixture of substances that emit a fluorescent light, caused by a chemical reaction when combined. This process of emitting light with no heat is known as chemicaluminesence, which creates light through chemical reactions.

Glow sticks are available in a variety of colors and forms (such as rings, necklaces and buttons). Higher-quality glow sticks provide bright colors and last for an average of 30 to 80 minutes. Less bright glow sticks can last for hours or even days when properly conserved.
  1. Activating a Glow Stick

    • Bend the glow stick to activate it. This will break a small glass vial inside the tube, which in turn mixes two chemicals and activates the glowing color in the stick. Shake the stick a few times to mix up the color evenly and produce a brighter hue.

    Extending the Life a Glow Stick

    • To reuse a glow stick that has already been activated, place the glow stick in the freezer at the first sight of color dimming. Cold air solidifies the mixture and slows down the chemical reaction. Placing a glow stick in the freezer until it is completely frozen will stop the chemical reaction completely, thereby extending the life of the stick until it is activated again.
      Glow sticks face an adverse reaction when subjected to heat. Running hot water over a glow stick speeds up the photons and makes the light glow brighter, but diminishes the life span of the glow stick as a result.


    • Glow sticks are short-term light sources, and freezing them will only temporarily extend their life. Do not attempt to refreeze them after the light fades a second time.
      Glow sticks are fairly inexpensive. So attempts to reuse old sticks are unnecessary.
      Never attempt to puncture a glow stick to remove the liquid and preserve the color. The liquid chemical inside can cause irritation to skin and eyes and may be toxic if ingested.
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