Thursday, November 3, 2011

At 24 hours the budget XLD: "It will not be a 'budget Bolom Noel'"

The Minister of Finance sets the tone. At 24 hours of the presentation of Budget 2012, Xavier-Luc Duval said that the economic situation will not allow him to play Santa Claus. "It will not be a 'budget Bolom Christmas,'" he said during a mini-interview he gave to Radio Plus today. The Minister argues that present a "reasonable budget" for "restore growth"."This is an extremely difficult situation where our most important markets in Europe are uncertain. Next year may be worse in terms of economic growth in Europe. In Mauritius, we noted a decline in investment. At the same time, we see a significant drop in state revenues. Nevertheless, we will do everything to present a reasonable budget to boost population growth. I must also warns the public: we have to see a budget in context.The context is difficult. Do not believe it will be a 'budget Bolom Christmas'. It will not be a budget Bolom Christmas, '"he says.

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