Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pravind Jugnauth, "Duval has a large scope for the budget"


Less than 24 hours of this highly anticipated annual exercise, the old Grand Silversmiths made its self-assessment, in defiance of his successor to come forward with "bold steps" as he believes himself to have done even in November 2010 in order to keep the balance between the economy and society.
Fode not iron cinema! "Pravind Jugnauth has launched its successor Xavier-Luc Duval, alongside the budget in 2012, scheduled this Friday, November 4.
The former finance minister faced the press this Thursday, November 3, along with his lieutenants the Militant Socialist Movement (MSM) at the headquarters of his party at Sun Trust in Port Louis.
Pravind Jugnauth has advanced, data and records to support that Xavier-Luc Duval has a large scope for its fiscal meet the expectations of the population and at the same time, the economy boostent the only way he said to produce wealth.
According to the leader of the MSM, Xavier Duval has no reason to increase the Value Added Tax (VAT). " The announcement of the increase in VAT is a strategy to scare people. When I was Minister of Finance, I had worked on the elimination of VAT on certain food products such as cereals and tonics. I hope Xavier-Luc Duval continue this momentum, "he said.
Pravind Jugnauth is satisfied with popular measures announced in Budget 2011, including the abolition of the National Residential Property Tax - (NRPT), removal of tax on interest or the abolition of the 15% tax on cooperative societies. Added to that the measures taken to help farmers and college students regarding examination fees, among others.
Measures which, he argues, have reported results. In 2010, while holding the chair of Finance, says he, the country is growing by 4.2%. A year earlier, the ruling social alliance was found with a rate of 3.1%.
Moreover, the former finance minister is unacceptable, according to information reported in the press, that residents receive only an increase of Rs 204 in January, against a wage compensation of Rs 330.
I think the current Minister of Finance may do better than that ", he let go.
For Pravind Jugnauth, the declaration of Xavier-Luc Duval regarding the failure to achieve 60% ​​of the measures announced in the last budget is just demagoguery.
The majority of measures have already been implemented or were implemented at the time I resigned. I have files with regular reports on the measures initiated or completed or that have not been switched on , "he argued.
Pravind Jugnauth pointed to some Labour ministers such as Minister of the Environment, Deva Virahsawmy for the non-implementation of the Solar Water Scheme, or the Housing Abu Kasenally, in that it is five categories of social housing projects in Budget 2011.
He also lambasted the prime minister about the delay of the project Highlands: " When the issue was to finance, we have initiated a process of negotiation with two consultants. But once it became the case of the Prime Minister, nothing. I ask Xavier-Luc Duval to ask for Navin Ramgoolam on this and also where are we with the Duty-Free Island Air and liberalization , "he said.
Finally, Pravind Jugnauth argued that there is a traffic Mauritius Duty Free Paradise, a scam like so many others, he said, because the discussions are already changing supplier in the process of conclusion.
Previously, the leader of the MSM congratulated the doctors and other staff of the hospital Candos for professional work they have done to their colleague, Leela Devi-Dookun Luchoomun.
The latest health status of the former Minister of Social Security, involved in a serious car accident in Phoenix on October 29, is improving.

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