Friday, November 4, 2011

A budget for the opportunities and improve living conditions for Mauritians


Fiscal and administrative measures to encourage investment. It is the mark of the beginning of the budget speech delivered by Xavier-Luc Duval, this Friday, November 4. A quote statements made by Paul Bérenger in 2005 failed to disturb the serenity of the parliamentary session.

The finance minister has chosen a polemical tone to start his budget speech. He quoted Paul Berenger, who spoke of the economy in a state of emergency in 2005. Which did not fail to raise loud protests from the opposition benches.The Speaker had to intervene forcefully to restore order.
Once the dust in the chamber, Xavier-Luc Duval resumed his speech to set out the guidelines of the 2012 Budget."This is a budget for the opportunities to improve the lives of Mauritians" , he said.
And follows the main statement of the government's economic philosophy. The objective remains growth and encouraging investment. Social justice will not be forgotten, says Xavier-Luc Duval.
The Minister also intends to continue the democratization of the economy. It ensures he will work to enable women to participate in economic development.
As for the young, it will break the cycle that makes a young inexperienced can not find work.
The minister immediately announced fiscal measures to encourage investment.

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