Friday, November 4, 2011

Public Health: Increase in price of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages


The Minister of Finance announced two increases of table wines, ie Rs 25.20 per liter and Rs 54 per liter respectively. In addition, is expected to increase by 10 to 15% on beverages containing more than 30% alcohol as well as cigarettes and cigars.
VAT was abolished on chewing gum nicotine substitute in order to discourage tobacco use. 
Minister of Finance announced a budget for non-communicable diseases at the same time creating jobs for 300 nurses.
For tax payers in the National Security Service (NSS), they may opt for a medical plan. A measure to privatize the plan.
Rehabilitation centers for drug benefit, also assistance of Rs 51 million from the government.


    In that same spirit of relieving people of their pains and tribulations, 
we are increasing the amount allocated to the rehabilitation of alcoholics 
and drug addicts by 70 percent to 51 million rupees. This will reinforce our 
capacity to combat drug abuse, alcoholism and addiction to tobacco. As we 
spend more on cure and rehabilitation,  we also need to take action to 
eliminate the abuse of alcohol and tobacco smoking.  
     To that end, we are increasing excise duty rates as follows: 31
• on fruit wine and made wine, to 25.20 rupees per litre and 54 
rupees per litre, respectively;  
• on other alcoholic drinks by between 10 to 30 percent; and 
• on cigarettes and cigars by 15 percent.  
      We are, on the other hand, removing VAT on gums that are used as 
substitute for smoking.   
    .  Government will also spend more on prevention of NonCommunicable Diseases (NCDs), including new tobacco cessation clinics. 

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