Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Choonee: "The Sino-Mauritians have contributed greatly to the country even if they are a minority"


The Minister of Arts and Culture, Mookhesswar Choonee did not fail to acknowledge the contribution of the Sino-Mauritian community in Mauritius. It was during a ceremony at the headquarters of Heen Foh Lee Kwon Society to commemorate the arrival of Chinese descendants in Mauritius.

"The Sino-Mauritian community has contributed immensely to the development of the country, despite the fact that members of this community are a minority. These are the words of the Minister of Arts and Culture, Mookhesswar Choonee at a ceremony at the headquarters of the Foh Lee Hee Kwon Society in Port-Louis, Wednesday, November 2.It also stressed that the Sino-Mauritian shine in many areas such as medicine, trade or in finance.
"We can also see that several Sino-Mauritians tend to settle abroad, particularly in Quebec and again, they continue to be the pride of their ancestors and heritage by exporting Hakka or Mandarin" , he stressed.
This ceremony, which was also organized with the support of the Aapravasi Ghat, also saw the intervention of the president, Vijaya Teelock. It has, in his speech, appealed to young people so that they continue to pay more attention to the course of the first Chinese who arrived in Mauritius in the 1830s. "While some are beginning to show some interest, is still not enough if we are to unravel the mysteries of our history, " she said.

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