Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The controversy is growing around the availability of ration rice in the local market

---------------------------------------------------------Consumer associations and argue that there is a shortage of " rice ration"on the Mauritian market. The side of the State Trading Corporation (STC), it refers to " an artificial shortage . " Controversy swells around the "rice diet". A few weeks ago already that this variety of rice is found in some localities of the country. Daniel, a resident of Quatre-Bornes, toured the city of flowers without being able to get hold of a bag. " For several days I'm looking for this rice in supermarkets in the city. I have not had. Traders tell me that there is a shortage. I had to buy basmati rice cost me much more , "says the septuagenarian. He added that he has spent Rs 40 for 2, 5 kg of rice "long grain" against Rs 28 for the "rice diet". The consumer is not the only one complaining about the lack of "rice diet ". Suttyhudeo Tengur, president of the Association for the Protection of the environment and consumers adopt the same thing. He even assumed that it was the floods that hit Thailand, which are responsible for this shortage. However, at the STC, it is categorical. " There is no shortage. If ever this happens, it is an artificial shortage, invented by retailers , "says a senior official of the government agency. According to the explanation of the STC, it has been some time now it imports the " rice ration "of better quality than that experienced by consumers. The same senior official said that there is rice in stock for another hundred days and that " anyone can, upon request, check the warehouses of the STC . " According to a second source to the STC Maurice expects two shipments of " rice diet ". The first of 1 000 tonnes from Pakistan and the second of which 750 tonnes from India. " We have made ​​provision for the holiday season , "he says. Exceptionally, he says, a first shipment came from India since the restriction imposed by New Delhi in 2008. For its part, Jayen Chellum, general secretary of the Consumers' Association of Mauritius (ACIM ) indicates that it has so far been no information as to a lack of ration rice in the market. " A customer told me he had not had the usual rice ration and a hypermarket offered him a Long Grain Rice in a higher price , "said the representative of the PMAC. And what fears STC is precisely that retailers are passing the " rice diet "better for a rice variety from another and so on the backs of consumers. As a result, the organization will initiate an investigation to see who are the traders who bought the "rice diet" and that did not sell the stock.

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