Wednesday, November 9, 2011

MedPoint: Berenger gets a consensus that ICAC blocks Rs 145 million

----------------------------------------------------------After intense debate, Paul Berenger calls for a consensus to ask the Anti-Corruption Commission (ICAC) to take steps to block the remaining Rs 144.7 million paid to former owners of the clinic MedPoint.
The Private Notice Question (PNQ) this Wednesday, November 9 will be allowed the opposition leader for consensus in Parliament to ask the ICAC to initiate proceedings to block the money paid for the acquisition of the clinic MedPoint overvalued price of Rs 144.7 million. Trade on the PNQ will be sent to the ICAC by the Speaker.
Earlier, the Minister of Finance indicated that an amount of Rs 120 million was still in an account of Baroda Bank in Mauritius. This contradicts the statement made by Prime Minister on 18 October in Parliament.
The PNQ Leader of the Opposition, which had been addressed, initially, the Prime Minister, before being redirected to the Minister of Finance, has unleashed passions in Parliament. Paul BĂ©renger wanted to know what happened specifically Rs 144.7 million.
The opposition leader has relied on the statement made in Parliament by the Prime Minister on 18 October, to the effect that the check has already been hit and part of the money transferred to a London bank.
According to the Minister of Finance, the check had actually been filed Dec. 29 on behalf of the State Bank of Mauritius who has deducted an amount Rs 5.2 million to line the debts of MedPoint Ltd. Rs 15.5 million were subsequently refunded to the account of Shalini Malhotra in repayment of a loan. The remaining Rs 120 million were transferred to an account of the MedPoint Ltd Baroda Bank.
To explain the words of Navin Ramgoolam, Xavier Duval cited a portion of his statement of October 18 when the Prime Minister said " it appears "that a portion of the money has already left the jurisdiction of Mauritius. Paul Berenger refuted his remarks by quoting him as another part of the same statement in which the prime minister stated categorically that more money was in a London bank.
Paul Berenger was surprised that the State Investment Corporation had, at first, called the distribution to shareholders of surplus earned from the sale of the clinic MedPoint. He asked the silversmith Grand why he did not give instructions to the SIC for the money to the account is blocked. He felt that this was a deliberate attempt to "launder "the revenues of the transaction.
Xavier Duval explained that a few days after this first initiative, called CLC directly to the freezing of Baroda Bank account. On several occasions, the Great fundraiser to try to return the ball into the opposition camp in that it is the ability to block the account.
If the opposition agrees, the money may be placed on an Escrow Account until the end of this affair , "he stressed.
All of which leads to the Leader of the Opposition that the Minister of Finance had "lost his head." It must be said that Escrow Account is a temporary escrow account pending a decision and that can be created by resolution of shareholders.
But the only person in the chamber at the time of this statement and that would have to agree to the creation of an Escrow Account as a shareholder, was next to Xavier Duval. This is the Deputy Prime Minister Rashid Beebeejaun who holds shares of Medpoint Ltd via the company Medinvest.

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