Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Copyright Act could be amended to limit the powers of the management of the MASA


The independence of the Board of the Mauritius Society of Authors (MASA) is not appropriate to the Minister of Arts and Culture. It would consider amending the Copyright Act to limit the powers of this body.
The sovereignty of the board of MASA discomfort. At least the state of mind toward the Department of Arts and Culture. After the new board of directors of the MASA elected on October 23 had publicly stated its intention to conduct a mass lay within this organization, the Minister Mookeshwar Choonee decided to accelerate the process to amend the Copyright ,
"The board acts in the MASA opacity that can not be tolerated, the Copyright Act will aim to correct the actions of this council , "said a close aide of the Minister.
The Minister of Arts and Culture has not digested the statement of the new board wants to get rid of a number of employees at the MASA, but it does not currently have a wide discretion, it follows this situation very closely and even requested a report on the MASA be returned to him soon , "says the source.
The representative of the authors and composers, and also member of the opposition Mauritian Militant Movement (MMM), Jean-Claude Barbier, had in fact suggested that the administrative expenses of the MASA should not exceed the threshold of 30 %. A goal that would be difficult to achieve without going through an exercise in downsizing.
Amendment of the Copyright Act and will provide more power to the Minister of Arts and Culture, and may thus act on some important decisions. " He does not intend to interfere constantly in the activities of the board, but he believes that some very important decisions deserve attention , "says the employee.

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