Thursday, November 10, 2011

The damage to the hull of Angel 1 will be repaired from 6 nautical miles from the east coast

The Panamanian cargo ship must be taken to an area where the depth is 4000 meters for preliminary repairs. If ever things go wrong, environmental risks will be reduced.
Better safe than sorry. The Mauritian authorities have decided to tow the Panamanian freighter Angel 1 to about 6 nautical miles from the east coast for repairs to the hull opening.
Since Sunday, November 6, a logistics were in place for the kick dispatch of towing the ship already relieved of 9,600 tons of rice and 400 tonnes of fuel. Pumps with a total capacity of 3200 m3 per hour have been installed to deal with any eventuality.
Throughout the morning of Monday, tugs and the Coral Sea Mahanuwara Fos have tried in vain to get the cargo of Powder-d'Or breakers but the operation was suspended at 14:30 with the low tide. In standby mode, tugs of the Mauritius Ports Authority (MPA) will act in support if the need arises.
The exercise resumed Wednesday and the ship ended up moving. Otherwise, it would have more offload sacks of rice on board. Depending on the decision of the engineer to calculate how much weight should be removed in different blocks of an Angel to give it freely.
This entire operation will cost Rs 300 million to the owner in terms of costs payable to the MPA and the police. The latter has used its helicopters, among other things, to transport equipment on board since early August.
In Singapore, an Angel was en route to Ivory Coast with 32,000 tons of rice when he suffered an engine failure with wide Mauritius on the night of Friday, August 5. After a request for authorization for repairs to 2.7 nautical miles from Poudre d'Or, the captain realized the following Monday that his ship was a prisoner of the reefs.
To add to his disappointment, the propellers were damaged and the engine room were under eight feet of water.Thus, a team of Greek salvage company was immediately dispatched to the island. It is only recently that it was able to identify the crack in the hull, between the blocks 4 and 5.
According to the calculations of the Greek salvage company and the Mauritian authorities, the Angel 1 must leave the breakers Powder-d'Or by next week.

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