Thursday, November 10, 2011

ICT Minister Pillay Chedumbrum assures a lower cost of Internet by 2012

The public can expect a reduction in the rate of the Internet by the end of this year. The Minister of Information technology and communication technology (ICT) who assured this Wednesday, November 9th.
Users can expect some relief on their bill from the Internet. Tassarajen Chedumbrum Pillay concedes that current rates are too high and a drop is needed to revitalize this area. He made a statement to the press after the launch of the new government, this Wednesday, November 9 at the center of an e-tourism conference Ebony.
The Minister of ICT believes that people are penalized because of the price too high. He added that a rate of over 20% on prices is needed. " We want only the welfare of the public. Since I am in ministry, I campaigned for a reduction. And it's very hard, I still say that the price is too expensive , "he says.
But what prevents the government to lower these rates, it is still the monopoly of Mauritius Telecom. The minister said the current laws do not allow the authorities to regulate these rates.
Right now, the law allows a reduction only if Mauritius Telecom, which owns a majority of the market, agreed to reduce rates. It is not normal , "says he. As a result, changes are expected in the Information and Communication Technologies Act (ICTA) to allow the government to regain control over the price of the Internet.
Prices for Internet access via ADSL Home, proposed by Mauritius Telecom amounted to Rs 399 for a throughput of 128K and 256K. For the flow of 512K users pay Rs 759, tax included. The rates for ADSL Business are as follows: Rs 847 to 256K, 512K and 1 to Rs 2745 to Rs 5620 Mega, including VAT.
As for the new government portal, we note that the improvement of the platform has required an investment of Rs 50 million. It will be officially operational early next year.
This project has engaged the services of the National Computer Board (NCB) and the Training, Research and Consulting Information Technology (FRCI). Dan Faugoo director of NCB says that the ability of the Government's website has been revised three times.
Portal servers are located on the fifth floor of an e-tourism. Site security was also enhanced. The rooms are equipped with surveillance cameras and access is strictly guarded.

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