Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A dead whale in Albion: the Coast Guard broadcast an alert for sharks

Ce qui reste du cétacé a été débarrassé  à douze miles nautiques de nos côtes.
-The body of the whale found off the west coast of Mauritius is stuck in the rocks on the shore (photo) near the Club Med in Albion. It was shortly before nightfall on Tuesday 15 November, the Coast Guard has taken steps to invite swimmers to evacuate the lagoon.
Late intervention of the authorities after a dead whale had been found in the vicinity of Albion. Only 18 hours on Tuesday 15 November, the headquarters of the Coast Guard gave the alarm to evacuate the lagoon bathers. The management of Club Med which is in the region has been asked to suspend water activities. A shark warning has been issued.
This was also deplored the village chief and manager of the hotel, Aziz Ait Itto. "I have been informed in any way by the authorities. It is through the press and the people I met at the hotel I knew there was the carcass of a sperm whale behind the hotel, "he said.
The presence of what remains of whales in the lagoon does not seem to disturb the tourists who continue to indulge in holiday activities. "As long as we do not approach this does not bother me. The hotel we were not informed of the presence of the wreck, "says one of them. 
Since he entered the area on the west coast, the body of the whale drew, in fact, sharks. Fishermen fear the arrival of other marine predators such as barracudas. The fishermen's union, Judex Rampaul, wonders, for its part, the circumstances of the death of the sperm whale.
The body of the whale got stuck between the rocks a few meters from Club Med all day on Tuesday. Pieces of rotting flesh began to detach from the mammal and spread in the lagoon. A layer of fat floating around the dead whale.
The Coast Guard planned to cover the corpse of lime to prevent the spread of the stench that emanates.


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