Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Industrial accident in Medina Sugar Estate: a man dies by falling into a mill

----------------------------------------------------------Tragic accident at 22:00 Monday, November 15 at the sugar factory in Medina. A young worker of 21 years died crushed. He fell into a vehicle carrying the ashes. (Photo: Medina Sugar Estate).
Xavier Lallsing, a resident of Bamboo, aged 21, an employee of Sugar Estate Medina died in an accident that occurred yesterday around 22h00 Tuesday, November 15 at the sugar factory. The young man who had taken employment in the establishment in July fell in a mill.
The circumstances of the accident are still unknown. Xavier Lallsing work was to recover from the ashes of the mill that carries ashes. His father Gino Lallsing, also employed SugarEstate Medina, who in a statement to Radio One explained that his son had fallen into the mill. It seems that at the time of the accident the victim was alone near the mill. A truck was waiting, but the driver was in the cab of his vehicle, said Gino Lalsing. 
Sophie Desvaux, head of communications Sugar Estate Medina explained that management is not present details of the circumstances of the accident. She said that procedures are established for operations in the sugar factory in Medina 
An investigation under the supervision of the Superintendent Adam was opened to determine the circumstances of this tragic accident. 

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