Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fire at la Reunion: Paris sends two Dash-8


The Minister of the Interior and Overseas Claude Gueant said in a statement late Monday night sending two water bombers to fight against the Dash fire that ravaged the National Park Meeting. As requested by the elected representatives of the island.

"Given the information provided on Monday evening on the improvement of the situation and taking control of the fire, Mr. Guéant and Minister responsible for Overseas Marie-Luce Penchard decided to send two aircraft Dash Department of the Interior to expedite the lights and begin to address problem areas within the fire perimeter, "the statement quoted by AFP.
Note that many elected officials of the meeting had taken the initiative to write directly to the president Monday.Huguette Bello in the lead had initiated the movement, followed by parliamentarians in the West, and by the office of the Association of Mayors of the department of Reunion and the Socialist Party.
A new voice rose Monday, that of Director of National Park Reunion Marylène Hoarau. Calling for the deployment of additional air assets to fight against the fire, it said on France Inter "A support air seems essential in addition to human resources. The helicopters that run for five consecutive days seem small beside the flame front that unfolds. "Media coverage in major metropolitan probably also played in the favor of local elected officials, even beginning users to organize to protest outside the ministry and life-saving call aircraft.
The Prefect of Reunion, Michel Lalande, had argued on the board first meeting Monday night that the Dash was not adapted to the situation. "The experience we had last year is very mixed. We are currently faced with a fire of humus which is underground, "he said. The message was repeated throughout the day by all State agencies, tirelessly explaining that the machine is not suitable for fire under the earth near the Maïdo.
But the arrival of the two devices will she provided for winning the battle on the ground? Both devices will arrive Wednesday and will come into operation on Thursday morning. Their intervention will finally settle the question of their effectiveness effective. This debate would almost forget the urgency that exists in the High. Because with 2700 hectares in the meter, the fire this year has already done four times more damage than last year ... in half the time.
In addition, a detachment of 170 fighters sent to mainland arrived Tuesday in Saint-Denis to participate in the fight against the fire of the National Park of Reunion is now "content", according to the prefecture of the Meeting. "The fire is now contained in an envelope that did not move. Therefore we are now entering the second phase of the management of the crisis that will lead us slowly but surely towards the fire is , "he told AFP Lalande.

Source: The Journal of the island of Reunion

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