Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The MCB inaugurates building of St Jean and Unveils New Logo


The Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) conducted on Monday 31 October, at the opening of its green building located in St-Jean, as well as unveiling its new logo which replaces one dating from 1950.
The MCB has made ​​a stone of two strokes. This Monday, October 31, the commercial bank has, in fact, celebrated the opening of its new green building, located in St-Jean, which will, for example, to save as much as 32% energy compared to an ordinary building. " This new building will also have a solar farm, besides we also recycle rainwater , "said the Group Chief Executive of MCB, Pierre Guy Noël, during a meeting with the press. This building will house 500 employees. A sound and light show for a period of thirty minutes was offered in the new premises. The approximately 2500 people present were all in love with this performance which combined both choreography and lighting effects. The second event of the evening was to reveal the new logo of the MCB. The new logo is actually an improvement in the Caravelle which dates from 1950. " It's a rebranding momentum is to demonstrate that we are taking our time, and we are looking to the future , "argued Pierre Guy Noel. The latter, however, said that this new concept will not change the first philosophy of the bank, which is to provide the best possible service to its customers.Pierre Guy Noel, when in his speech, said that if the MCB is positioning itself as a leader in banking in Mauritius is largely due to its diversification. " We first installed in various parts of the Indian Ocean including the Maldives, or South Africa. We have also invested heavily in other activities such as leasing or Capital Marketing, among others , "he stressed. The result, says Pierre Guy Noël, is that 43% of profits from the MCB from abroad.

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