Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Fishermen's Association of Bamboo-Virieux demand the resignation of Nicolas Mally

----------------------------------------------------------The Fishermen's Association Bamboo-Virieux calls for the resignation of the Minister of Fisheries, Nicolas Von Mally. They accuse him of being in favor of the promoters of the marine farm in Mahebourg (photo) which they believe affect the fishing community.

Nicolas Von Mally is the worst Minister of Fisheries in history . " This is how the president of the association of fishermen and Bamboo-Virieux Rising Sun, Patrick Michael Souci comments on the performance of the Minister of Fisheries. It was during a press conference this Wednesday, November 16. According to the fishermen of Bamboo-Virieux, Nicolas Von Mally is fully aware of the marine farm Mah├ębourg cause enormous harm to the fishing community. " But he dare not raise a single finger to help us , "continued Patrick's revolting Michael Souci. This has long criticized the Ferme Marine Mah├ębourg that he believes the lagoon abyss. " This farm is supposed to promote aquaculture is currently scaring the fish , "he argued. He explained that if the government decides not to intervene fishermen will be called to go. The president of the Fishermen's Association and Bamboo-Virieux Rising Sun, however, said not to be against the development of aquaculture, but argues, however, that proponents of marine farms are now monopolizing the lagoon. " We are not against economic progress, but this must be done without causing harm to others , "he said. Souci Michael Patrick finally said that if the government continues to play the card of indifference to their cries distress, then they will have no choice but to engage in a battle against the no thank you Mahebourg marine farm. " We have already taken steps to alert international opinion , "said the spokesman of the Association of Fishermen.

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