Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Floods in Thailand have killed more than 400 dead


At least 427 people were killed in the historic floods ravaging Thailand for three months, an increase of more than 40 dead compared to results of the first Tuesday in November, authorities said Wednesday. Tuesday, they had reported 385 deaths. The official account does this jusqu''à no deaths in Bangkok, many neighborhoods in the north and west of the city are flooded for over a week, sometimes more than one meter of water.
The business center and financial metropolis of 12 million is, however, still dry. A situation that brings more people in the periphery affected to blame the authorities for having sacrificed to save the strategic heart of the city.
The Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, and the municipality of Bangkok was opposed on the best way to remove the massive amounts of water accumulated in the north of the city after a particularly abundant monsoon.Yingluck in particular yielded to the demand for people opening the locks to reduce the water level in their neighborhoods. A decision that the governor of Bangkok was considered dangerous for some industrial areas.
The Head of State also refused the request of the opposition to declare a state of emergency, which would give more power to the military amid protests from residents. The powerful army chief Wednesday also rejected the possibility."Use the special law will cause a confrontation between the people and the soldiers," he told reporters.
"Everything will be resolved by December. The current problem is how to remove water quickly, while dikes and barriers have been destroyed in places. If people do not allow water to pass, then there is a problem and flooding will last and people will suffer more, "he added. Floods, the worst in decades, have affected millions of people, mainly in northern and central regions.
(Source: / AFP)

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