Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The health-Leela Devi Dookun Luchoomun: doctors speak of miracle


The member of the Militant Socialist Movement (MSM) had a narrow escape Hemraz said Dr. Boodhoo, a specialist in neurosurgery. She suffered a fractured skull and other head injuries. She is to undergo rehabilitation before being completely restored.
It's a miracle! "These words of Dr. Hemraz Boodhoo, consultant in neurosurgery at the hospital Victoria, Candos, express its satisfaction with the considerable improvement in the health of the member-Leela Devi Dookun Luchoomun.
Rushed to Victoria Hospital, Saturday, Oct. 29, after a serious car accident on the new stretch between Phoenix Fine Dreams, the former Minister of Social Security had to undergo a delicate surgery for six hours. Still under observation in the intensive care unit, the hurt is no longer on life support since Monday, October 31.
She is now conscious and was able to converse with his family. This is a very good sign , "says Dr. Boodhoo who performed the surgery. The operation was complex because of multiple injuries suffered by Leela Devi-Dookun Luchoomun.
She had suffered a fractured skull, a cerebral contusion, the bones of the left orbit broken and severe laceration on his forehead. " His condition was very critical. But thanks to the rapid response paramedics and medical unit and neurosurgery consultant in anesthesia, Dr. Nagalingum, we were able to offer all necessary care after resuscitation , "says the neurosurgeon.
The critical point is certainly past, but there is always a risk of infection. MP Leela Devi Dookun Luchoomun-made and the object of attention. A scan of the skull performed Monday reassured the medical team found no other complications.
Also preliminary tests carried out on the left eye of the injured are satisfactory. " We feared that she lost her sight because of the small pieces of bone that had lodged in the orbit. But preliminary examinations are satisfactory vision , "highlights the specialist.
The worst is over for Leela Devi Dookun Luchoomun-which is likely to follow a general rehabilitation before being fully restored.

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