Friday, November 18, 2011

Hunger strike of Rehana Ameer, Jane Ragoo and Jack Bizlall from December 9

----------------------------------------------------------The support committee Rehana Ameer, the trade unionist sacked from the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) in August 2010, should take steps to demand his reinstatement. Jane Ragoo, Jack and Rehana Ameer Bizlall itself will begin a hunger strike on December 9 if far, it does not find employment.
"We like going back to square one," said the President of the Confederation of Private Sector Workers. Front Anti-Repression, composed of several trade union movements, starts a series of actions to demand the reinstatement of Rehana Ameer to his post at the MBC. The union council met the press on Friday 18 November, the headquarters of the Government Servants'Association, Port-Louis. It's been one year that the union Rehana Ameer calls " justice done. " She said the national broadcasting station was licensed on an unjustified, after 25 years of service. Benydin Deepak, the Federation of Parastatal Bodies and Other Unions (FPBOU) argues that the struggle of the union " will set an example other employees of parastatal bodies . " " We can not give up. If we leave, we endanger other union members working in public service , 'says Deepak Benydin. It goes further by stating that members showed their support to the former employee of the MBC and it assumes that the prime minister is directed by the Director General of the MBC, Dan Callikan. Bizlall Jack, negotiator FAR said, for his part, he does not let her do it alone Rehana Ameer hunger strike. " I consider that this case is a big injustice. I will be at his side, my conscience will support and I will put an end to this action when it will do , "he insists. The latter also revealed several issues he sees as unsubstantiated. He questions what he calls " inaction by Shakeel Mohamed . " According to the union, the Minister of Labour had promised to help Rehana Ameer. " Yet he had shown his support in the beginning. But now can you explain to me why it does not react?He lets himself be dictated by Dan Callikan , "he says. Jack Bizlall launches, however, a call to the class association and all employees of the country around a support committee of the strikers on December 9. Ramano Dev, the lawyer of Rehana Ameer, blame, too , the Minister of Labour for not intervened on behalf of the union. " Shakeel Mohamed has a responsibility as Minister of Labour to ensure that workers are in good conditions. It is in possession of the report of the Conciliation and Mediation Board, which works in favor of Rehana Ameer but he refuses to admit that this document is to the detriment of the MBC , "suggests the lawyer. Moreover, Dev Ramano explained that report also recommended by Muhammad Shakeel, never managed to Fact Finding Committee by Denis Vellien. The lawyer reveals other legal flaws in the case Ameer. " By law, an employee may be dismissed, if found guilty before the disciplinary committee, within ten days. Or in the case of Rehana Ameer, it went before the disciplinary committee on 20 September and terminated on October 29 , "he added. Finally, Rehana Ameer spoke to the press. Visibly touched, she says she is ready to go through with his fight to regain his position at the MBC. " I will go to the worst, if necessary. I tried to discourage Jack and Jane, but they are determined , 'says she.

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