Saturday, November 19, 2011

Remake in 2000: "Major developments by the end of the year," according to Paul Bérenger

----------------------------------------------------------The opposition leader said that there will be significant developments by the end of the year about a possible alliance MSM / MMM. Paul Berenger is back on various topical issues, including water management, the case Rehana Ameer, municipal elections and the death of Anand Kumar Ramdhany in police custody.
A remake of the alliance MSM / MMM is still relevant. Paul Berenger has reiterated this Saturday, November 19, at the weekly press conference of the Mauritian Militant Movement (MMM). Without giving details, the opposition leader said that major developments are expected by the end of the year.
What about the speculation about a possible alliance between the bad and the Labour Party (Ptr)? Paul Berenger is adamant: " This is a fiction . "
In addition, the leader of purple calls the new reference of the municipal elections of " rape of democracy . " " It is clear today that there will be no elections this year. The government will come again with such an amendment last year to return the city , "he said.
Returning to the case Rehana Ameer, the union laid off by the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), Paul Berenger said " what does the Prime Minister is cruel . " "  In the name of the image of Mauritius and freedom of association, I make a call to Navin Ramgoolam not to transform it in this case a matter of pride and rejoin the union , "said the leader of the opposition. The leader of the MMM maintains that Navin Ramgoolam became the hostage of the Director-General of the MBC.
Regarding the death of Ramdhany Anand Kumar, an inmate found dead in his cell at the police station in the Rampart River on July 30, Paul Berenger is convinced that " nobody believes in the suicide theory "advanced by the police .. He also reiterated what he calls the gray areas surrounding the death. " How can we find a man hanging on the floor? How do two simple constables can they conclude that it is a suicide? "he asked.
Paul Berenger is back on the management of drinking water in Mauritius. He said the government elected in 2005 and who succeeded him in 2010 did not complete the projects initiated by the MMM / MSM (2000-2005) when the alliance has left office in 2005. " Rashid Beebeejaun is overwhelmed , "he said.

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