Monday, November 7, 2011

----------------------------------------------------------In six months, the Observatory has been a price decrease of 6.2% over sixty products most consumed by Mauritians. For the chairman of this committee, Harish Bundhoo, these figures show that exercise has stimulated competition.
Monitor prices have stimulated competition. "Bundhoo Harish, chairman of the committee, is confident and has indicated that Monday, November 7th, opposite the press, on the occasion of the publication of statements of Observatory of prices in October. Thus, in six months, ie May-October 2011, a decrease of 6.2% was noted on the price of sixty products identified in this exercise.
Maximum reduction expected, according to Harish Bundhoo. " Most supermarkets are now familiar with these sixty products most consumed by Mauritians. And they have adapted their strategy accordingly , "said President of the Observatory of prices during a press conference on Monday, November 7 at the premises of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Consumer Protection Port-Louis.
Of the sixty selected products are, among other things, bread, rice, flour, or frozen products in the local market and product variables such as honey pot or olive oil.
Harish Bundhoo said notice a difference of Rs 654 (17%) between the sign and the most expensive the cheapest. The percentage of promotional prices rose from 39% in May to 48% in October. Moreover, the percentage of identified products but absent radii of certain signs is 5%.
The King of Beau-Vallon Savers stands again for the classification of good cases to Lo Yeung Mahebourg. These two supermarkets which are thus in Grand Port, the district offers the lowest prices with an average cost of Rs 4039.This is the Black River District, which stands for the most expensive price with Rs 4391.
Harish Bundhoo expressed hope that lower prices do not apply only to products identified sixty. " We want to adopt a new strategy to maintain competition and extend the performance of several other products , "he added.

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