Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sir Anerood Jugnauth once again attacked government policy

----------------------------------------------------------The President once again attacked the Government Navin Ramgoolam. A Pointe Jerome, Monday, November 7, he said that Maurice is undermined " by the disease "and wondered what the world"casinos are bankrupt . "

Sir Anerood Jugnauth, confirmed and signed. He again attacked the government led by Navin Ramgoolam, including his son, Pravind, formerly part. On the occasion of a ceremony marking the opening of a workshop on the Bhojpuri language organized by 'Indian Diaspora and World Bhojpuri Centre in Pointe Jerome, Mahebourg, in the early evening of Monday, November 7, Sir Anerood said the assistance of some 200 people that Maurice " is in danger . " Speaking in Bhojpuri and Kreol, he goes on to say that the country is wrong, that the island " ENA Kaliti always sick . " " Just think about this: In what country did you seen that the casinos are bankrupt , "he said in Kreol, the microphone of Radio One. " It's not just the casinos. Other institutions of the country are also due to the disaster. If we do not save the country quickly, future generations will have to bleed to repay the losses that the country is doing , "he said. Clearly, the president responds to 2012 Budget presented on Friday November 4th. Xavier Duval announced the privatization of a gangrenous casinos mismanagement in recent years. Recently, during a ceremony at the Hindu House, just before Divali, the President had suggested that the country is adrift. A few weeks earlier, shortly before his son is to be charged by the Anti-Corruption Commission as part of the investigation into the purchase of the clinic MedPoint, then owned by his son, by the State at a cost of Rs 144 , 7 million, he said that " the ICAC pe faded . " He also hinted that he was willing to step down if the situation demanded it.

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