Friday, November 4, 2011

Interpol officers in Mauritius to train local police


A team of Interpol is the country since Saturday for a series of formations. It will, among other things, conduct traffic stops and identity checks at the airport.
Having taught at officers Cyber ​​Crime Unit of the Central CID, among others, the six members of Interpol in the Africa have carried out road checks in the area of ​​Belle Mare on Thursday and will be on Friday morning at Choisy.
This operation for a period of five days called "Kwacha" aims to establish whether stolen vehicles are in circulation.And also to detect the presence of drugs and possibly firearms and explosives during those investigations.
Interpol's mission also aims to conduct checks at the airport to track down illegal immigrants. And black workers in the area.
The six officers from Interpol South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia. They have already performed similar missions in the Congo, Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia before landing in Mauritius.

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