Friday, November 4, 2011

Xavier Duval promised a budget to meet public expectations and strengthen the future


A few hours of his great oral, this Friday, October 4, the finance minister, Xavier-Luc Duval, already promises a budget that will strengthen the future. He said on Radio One, Thursday, November 3, the government has made every effort to meet the priorities and expectations.
We worked hard to meet public expectations, while respecting the priorities of this budget. "Thus, the Minister of Finance summarized the course of preparing the 2012 Budget. Xavier-Luc Duval was broadcast on Radio One in a final public relations exercise to 24 hours of his first major oral main driver of the Mauritian economy and Manager of Finance of the State.
Xavier-Luc Duval says he will propose a budget that will strengthen the future. He wished to recall that Maurice is an open economy. As such, he said, the export is an area that deserves attention. "Mauritius is a country facing out.Many products we use are imported and we produce is exported.
The government has paid special attention to allow an increase in exports, "said the Minister of Finance.
In this context, the international crisis in the background, so, at a time, to boost exports and reduce the weight of imports appears to be a complicated exercise. Exporters have repeatedly called for action to enable them to compete in international markets. The demand for a depreciation of the rupee and a revised rate is in the process. They will be tonight on the sidelines to see the concrete meaning of this " special consideration to allow an increase in exports , "mentioned by the Minister of Finance. There is also demand for the abolition of the Capital Gains Tax and incentives for investment.
In this chapter, the picture is not bright. The foreign direct investment is falling and Maurice fell in the rankings Ease of Doing Business World Bank.
Some operators are optimistic. Xavier-Luc Duval is a CPA training has long exercised in private and, as such, he knows the realities of operators working in export , "says the director of a company producing luxury goods for to foreign markets.
But the finance minister is expected socially. The erosion of purchasing power is daily deplored by Mauritians. A depreciation of the rupee would lead to high inflation, because, as the minister himself points out, many consumer products are imported. It will be at the expense of consumers and industries such as tourism.
Responding to a question on purchasing power, Xavier-Luc Duval, on Radio One, said that "to ensure the welfare and prosperity of Mauritius, the most important is to increase his salary" . A little summary as an answer, admittedly.The heads of families themselves, expecting that in the 2012 budget speech, Finance Minister will indicate how these wage increases.
On the social front, the Minister hinted that his priority is to fight poverty. But he insisted that he will try to revive the policy of housing by the state. "We must accept that the number of houses built by the government was not enough. So we need to build faster and better. The government is trying to find an innovative solution to resolve the situation, "he admitted.
Xavier-Luc Duval he has a room to achieve what it promises? In the government camp, it is claimed, is limited.However, in one of the opposition, it is affirmative. " The finance minister has real flexibility , "has repeatedly MP Chong Li Kwong Wing Kee, who is also the spokesman of the Mauritian Militant Movement on economic issues.
The figures seem to prove him right, because the fiscal deficit to 3.2% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and public debt in June was 55.9% of GDP. The opposition MP believes that the budget deficit was artificially widened when Rama Sithanen, the former finance minister, had created reserve funds.
The stage is set. In the background, the local and international context and expectations of both sides. The finance minister has to respond. Answer tonight in the National Assembly from 17 hours.

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