Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mauritius Telecom: The TWU calls for the departure of France Telecom

----------------------------------------------------------The Telecommunications Workers Union (TWU) is preparing to commemorate the eleventh anniversary of the protest the sale of 40% of shares in Mauritius Telecom to the French operator. A partnership called total bankruptcy and " fraud policy ".
The leaders of the TWU, at a press conference on Monday, November 7, presented a completely negative review of the partnership between Mauritius Telecom and France Telecom. They believe that the strategic partner selected in November 2000 was not up to the promises made ​​to the population at the time. On the contrary, said the union leaders, the eleven years of presence of FT in the ownership and management of Mauritius Telecom was " very bleak". They call for the resumption of control over the national telephone operator by the State. A demonstration will be held next Friday, November 11 for this purpose. " This partnership with France Telecom has proven to be a big scam and a fraud policy to the detriment of the country, as well as employees of the national telecommunications ations, "said Vishnu Jugdhurry, negotiator of the TWU. " Regaining Control of Mauritius Telecom is no longer an option or a leftist dream, but an imperative , "he adds. negotiator of the TWU argues that time has proved that the fears and warnings expressed by employees in the negotiations were confirmed when the promises made ​​by politicians never materialized. Thus, the TWU believes that the partnership of Mauritius Telecom and France Telecom is a " total failure "that brought nothing Moreover, neither the company nor the Mauritian business development. " There was, during these eleven years of French presence, no technological development that Mauritius Telecom could not be implemented without the input France Telecom , "said Vishnu Jugdhurry. For trade unionists, the winner of the 2000 agreement France Telecom is " still vampirize resources of the company , "among others by positioning itself as the sole supplier of equipment from Mauritius Telecom. " Even the modems made ​​in China are provided by France Telecom and paid in euros , "said Vishnu Jugdhurry. It also shows that since 2000 the size of Mauritius Telecom has declined significantly with the departure of 500 employees n ' have not been replaced. He also denounces the decline in the quality of services offered by the company due to lack of resources with the permanent reduction of expenses. 's event next Friday will bring together all the country's trade union confederations and other political movements and citizens, as, organizers, They invite the public at large, especially employees of parastatal bodies that are threatened with privatization, to join them outside the offices of Mauritius Telecom.

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