Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mayotte - The elected officials react


At the instigation of one of the new senators Mayotte which has just acquired, Mohamed Thani Soilihi, the councilors and mayors have finally managed to sit for 4 hours to find solutions to the ongoing conflict.

After five weeks of conflict, elected Mahorais have finally decided to react. This could smile if it were not throwing stones against the police and health personnel, or threats that forced the hotel Trevan including its occupants to evacuate, tourists who are not about to set foot in Mayotte. No appeal to reason then had been heard. "Everyone was acting in his corner," says Mohamed Thani, new senator since September 25, adding "but it's not too late to do! ". He was able to meet this week, fifteen councilors and the same number of mayors.
The agenda was limited to two things: define the position of elected officials on current events and find solutions to end the crisis immediate, medium and long term. "If the reaction is delayed, the vision is interesting, because Mayotte does not rebuild in a day or economic or human terms as the shocks were violent (or racist attacks)," writes our colleague Mahorais Malango News.
A crisis committee is already now set up, composed of two senators and the member, the President of the General Council, the President of the Association of Mayors, Councillor economic and social as well as the two former presidents of the General Council still exercise . It will meet on Wednesday afternoon to rank the 15 proposals made at the meeting on Tuesday 1st November. "We will try to at least two or three important points to speak with one voice" insists Mohammed Thani Soilihi, "it is the only way to be heard by the state and by trade unionists." Such proposals include a call for calm and condemnation of acts of violence!
Senator and lawyer-emphasizes the role that will have to play in the days, weeks and months ahead will provide the press debates and discussions that resentment out ... without a priori!
Source: News Malango.

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