Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gorges of Black River - Rs 20 million plants uprooted ganja

 The drug squad (ADSU) of Plaine-Verte have ended on Tuesday in a major power source in the region of gandia Black River. 1580 plants, each measuring 1 meter 50 tall, were uprooted on an area of nearly four acres, the Black River Gorges. The value of plants is estimated at Rs 20 million. This operation, which took several hours, was supervised by the Inspector Ashik Jagai "It's a long process that has paid off. The operation was difficult.We were able to thwart them, "said the inspector Jagai. ADSU The Plaine-Verte is of the opinion that these plants gandia would soon be put on the market. An investigation was initiated to trace back the farmers.

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