Tuesday, November 8, 2011

National Assembly: the leader of the opposition will launch the debate on Budget 2012

----------------------------------------------------------The parliamentary session this week will start discussions on the 2012 Budget presented Friday, Nov. 4. The leader of the Mauritian Militant Movement (MMM), Paul Berenger, who will be the first speaker to intervene.
After the budget speech by the Minister of Finance, on Friday, deputies begin this Tuesday, November 8, debates. It is the opposition leader who will be the first to intervene. " A budget rambling, disorganized, disappointing! ". It was the first reaction of Paul BĂ©renger after the speech Xavier Duval, last Friday, November 4. It will, therefore, the opportunity to elaborate on this finding. Previously, government officials have responded to the arrests of Deputies.In addition to the Private Notice Question of Paul Berenger in early trading, as many as 57 questions are listed on the agenda of the parliamentary session. At least 23 of these questions are addressed to the Prime Minister. The other 34 arrests relate to other ministers. Mahen Jhugroo asked the Minister of Finance on the reasons for the layoff of Veeren Comaren by management of the Mauritius Duty Free Paradise Ltd. in 2010. The latter was found guilty by a disciplinary committee of fake and forgery. He was invited to withdraw from the company. However, he was reappointed in August decision of the Council of Ministers. The Minister of Tourism, Michael Sik Yuen, will then be requested by the member of MMM, Kavy Ramano. It wants to know the amount of planned spending by the organizing committee of the Festival Kreol 2011 version. The Minister of Finance, Xavier-Luc Duval, will, in turn, provide guidance to Reza Uteem on the amount of investments made ​​by the State Investment Corporation (SIC) within the RS and RS Fashion Ltd Ltd Demin. These two textile mills owned by the former Labour MP Ram Mardeemootoo and benefited from considerable financial support of the state during 2008 and 2009, through the Stimulus Package. Uteem Reza will look later at 15-year contract for a total of Rs 8.7 billion, signed between the State Trading Corporation (STC) and Betamax Shipping Ltd. for transportation of petroleum products. Kee Chong Li Kwong Wing invite, in turn, the Minister , Enterprise and Cooperatives to make public statistics on small and medium enterprises registered with the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Ltd.. Lesjongard will challenge Joe, for his part, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Service on 'announced increase service rates for any water-borne sewerage. Beebeejaun Rashid will also explain the procedures for the recruitment of new Director General of the Central Electricity Board (CEB). The Opposition Whip, Rajesh Bhagwan, question the government's No. 2 on the conditions attached to the appointment of Balraj Naroo as Chairman of the Board of the CEB. The Member for Rodrigues, Francisco Francis asked the Minister of Education on the introduction of the " Kreol morisyen "in schools Rodrigues. This decision is discussed in Rodrigues is currently a large majority of civil society advocating the specificities of Rodrigues Kreol. Josique Radegund, Member of the MMM, has put two questions about the group's activities in the hotel sector Apavou . Adil Ameer MEEA will inquire with the foreign minister of the embassy project in Saudi Arabia. Raffick Sorefan focus, he, at the National Transport Corporation (CNT). The President of the Militant Socialist Movement (MSM), Showkutally Soodhun, will return in the final session on the proposed satellite town project known as Neotown name, in the region of Salines in Port Louis.

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