Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sarkozy treats Netanyahu "liar" privately front Obama

Nicolas Sarkozy has called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of "liar" during a private conversation, November 3 at the G20 in Cannes, with Barack Obama, who answered duty "to deal with it every day," says the site freeze frame quoted by 20minutes.fr and AFP.
 "I can not see him,he is a liar," commented the French president. "You've had enough of him, but I have to deal with him every day!" Replied his American counterpart, depending on the site that specializes in media analysis, which reports their words without specifying whether there is a sound recording of these statements.
The exchange Sarkozy-Obama, which was held in camera, should have stayed off but reached the ears of journalists incidentally, as Stop on pictures. The organization has provided the media with a small lead boxes to the translation of the press conference between Obama and Sarkozy, some journalists have connected quickly headphones or headsets cell phone, managing to catch some echoes of the private conversation depending on the site.
Radio Silence
Benjamin Netanyahu's office was immediately refrained from any reaction, as well as the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The correspondent of the Israeli public radio in France, Gideon Kutz, who covered the summit in Cannes, for its part, said his colleagues who have heard about the private exchanged by Mr. Sarkozy and Obama had agreed not to make state "for correction and not to embarrass the Press" at the Elysee.

Source: 20minutes.fr & AFP

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