Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Proposed creation of a Mauritian Embassy in Saudi Arabia

----------------------------------------------------------Tense atmosphere in the National Assembly this afternoon. A parliamentary question relating to the proposed creation of a Mauritian Embassy in Saudi Arabia has provoked strong reactions in the chamber. During a questioning of the member of MMM, Adil Ameer MEEA, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Arvin Boolell, as dissenting voices were raised. The MMM MP wanted to know when the project of creating an Mauritian Embassy in Saudi Arabia it would be implemented. He regretted that no progress on this issue since 2005. Arvin Boolell said that it was only a matter of "budget matter". This response was annoying Adil Ameer MEEA. What was supposed to trigger strong reactions in the chamber. Arvin Boolell then countered that the government had no lessons from the Opposition on this matter. " He had to go further by accusing "the Opposition to have a campaign communal" on this issue.Members of the Opposition strongly protested. Which caused an uproar in the hemicycle. The Speaker of the National Assembly, Kailash Purryag, had much to do to restore calm.

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