Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Statistics: Inflation continued to decline reaching 5.95% for the month of October 2011

----------------------------------------------------------The inflation rate continued its downward trend reaching 5.95% for the month of October. Is what reveal figures monthly Statistics Mauritius.
It the fifth consecutive month that inflation is down. It was 6.3% in September. What needs to reassure the Bank of Mauritius with a mandate to ensure price stability and currency.
But the tightening of monetary policy does not please everyone, starting with the exporters. And then the fall in inflation is not seen so much into the household expenditure that they feel that any increases.
On macroeconomic inflation decline Yet. According Bank report Maurice on expectations inflation one should expect rate 6.6% on average coming months.
With global economic crisis prices certain articles including oil, decreased even if remains high around 90 dollars barrel.
Note that Monday, November 7, officials of the Observatory of prices during a press conference revealed that six months, a decrease of 6.2% was recorded on sixty products most consumed by Mauritians. For the chairman of this committee, Harish Bundhoo, these figures show that exercise has stimulated competition.
Of the sixty selected products are, among other things, bread, rice, flour, or frozen products in the local market and product variables such as honey pot or olive oil.

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