Thursday, November 3, 2011

Reunion Island may lose Unesco label


Gigor Luc, a scientist who studied the flora and fauna of Reunion, speaking Monday on Europe 1, explaining that Unesco had the opportunity to withdraw his label.
"It is amazing that the state and the partners were not able to respond more quickly this year. For there, it starts to reach, habitat types and forest types that were not achieved last year. These are rain forests with lots of insect species, many birds, trees large enough. Last year, it was considered that it was a disaster. There, I do not know what word should be used. It's really much more serious', he said.
The big challenge, according to the French scientist, is the loss of the label of Unesco. Indeed, if a label can not manage two years running an event such as fire of this magnitude, it is clear that there will be a sanction of the competent authorities, says Luc Gigor. "Unesco will say you have not the means to meet needs. It will be severely judged fairly, "said he.
Assistance to farmers
Meeting in plenary session Wednesday, the elected General Council voted unanimously in favor of compensation for farmers affected by the fires of Ma├»do. Assistance, the amount has not yet been set, will complement the relief fund set up by the state.
To date, twenty-one farms - mainly cattle, have been ravaged by the fires. It seems that the first damage mainly of water reservoirs and grasslands that are burned in the roots. A commission of inquiry appointed by the Prefect shall, within the next few days to decide on the extent of damage. This report, once established, will enable professionals to benefit from a disaster relief fund set up by the state.
Note that the Minister for Overseas Territories, Marie-Luce Penchard, arrived Wednesday morning at the meeting, and immediately began a series of meetings with elected officials on the island. It will stay on the island for several days. "We chose to send two Dash 8 and I am happy because the meeting is a treasure to be protected.
I also welcome the work that has been done so far. We managed to contain a fire two times higher than in 2010, at the same time, "she said Wednesday afternoon. The two Dash 8 will be in operation this Thursday morning.

(Source: The Journal of the island of Reunion.)

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