Thursday, November 3, 2011

Muslims of Camp des Lascars pay tribute to Dr. Idrice Goomany


This Wednesday, November 2nd, the 5th Congregation Camp des Lascars has paid tribute to Dr. Idrice Goomany by visiting the tomb of the latter, in Pointe-aux-gunners.
They were about fifty of people praying in memory of those they consider to be the symbol of mauricianisme.
For the first time, Wednesday, November 2, Club Med in Pointe-aux-Gunners, granted access to the tomb of Dr. Idrice Goomany. At the initiative of the 5th Congregation of Camp des Lascars, Plaine-Verte, that fifty people were able to gather at the grave of one who has fought no thank you, until his death for the survival of many workers involved.
It is a symbol for the mauricianisme . "As a historian Dr Khal Toorabally described Idrice Goomany. " It was the first doctor in Mauritius have committed to the poor during the period of commitment. He sacrificed his life for these workers beyond partisan considerations , "he added.
Khal Toorabally hoped that the State of Mauritius National Heritage decreed the grave of Dr. Goomany. " We hope that in years to come, see the name of Dr. Goomany be quoted on each occasion of the celebrations marking the arrival of workers involved , "he added.
Dr. Idrice Goomany died July 28, 1889 as a result of smallpox. On his tomb is written: " A victim of his devotion to professional duty deprived the affection of his old mother and her family . " Shortly before his death, he had offered to lead the quarantine center following the death of Dr. Horace Beaugeard Lazare.
The ceremony at the grave of Dr. Idrice Goomany continued with a prayer session by the Congregation of the 5th Camp des Lascars. The same group of people in Plaine-Verte then went to the cemetery in Pointe-aux-Canonniers where Muslims are buried sailors, called Lascars, the vessel grounded off Pointe des Lascars in the area of ​​powder-d'Or.
For Bayjoo Ahmad, coordinator of the ceremony, the date of November was chosen because the arrival of the "Rascals" in Mauritius was, in a sense, abandoned with the arrival of immigrants to the Aapravasi Ghat. " You should know that the Lascars brought their contribution to the development in the capital. That's why we have chosen, not the day but the opportunity to pray and pay tribute to those workers who have worked hard , "he said.

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