Wednesday, November 2, 2011

SC and HSC examinations despite the holidays

Right now, we are in the midst of exams School Certificate and Higher School Certificate. Despite the two holidays, the candidates were not idle. If Maurice declared on 1 and 2 November holidays, this is not the case throughout the world. Mauritian candidates participating in the same tests as their peers around the world on Tuesday, the candidates of SC have been working on tests Combined Science, Environmental Management and Spanish. Today, Wednesday, other candidates take part in physical exams for Chemistry and Art & Design. According to the timetable of HSC candidates on Tuesday, they passed the tests of Thinking Skills - which replaces the General Paper for some. On Wednesday, the candidates on the floor questionnaires in English and history. The Director of the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate (MES) states that "all measures have been taken to ensure that examinations are conducted under the best conditions." Cambridge warned , however, the MES has warned Cambridge University of the situation. It is therefore the questionnaires with very few candidates who are favored during the holidays. The MES also coordinates other professional examinations, such as the University of Southern Queensland in Australia.In addition, no complaints were registered with the MES from the 1100 HSC candidates who spent three tests, Monday. Indeed, they had previously spent four topics: accounting, economics, mathematics and French. A solution has been found in repelling the French test is a "Mauritian paper" for Nov. 7. The Director of MES is satisfied with the progress of these events: "Cambridge was informed of the wish of the candidates that this situation does not repeat ..." The tests of the SC and HSC affect more than 30,000 candidates. They will end by mid-November.These reviews were initiated on September 29.

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