Thursday, November 3, 2011

Truth and justice committee:Report to the President in late November

Truth and justice committee,Report to the President in late November

The report of the TRC shall be submitted to Sir Anerood Jugnauth at the end of November. This was revealed to by a member of the commission. 
The findings of the TRC should be known at the end of November, according to a member of the commission. The report should first be submitted to the President, Sir Anerood Jugnauth. It will then submit the report to Parliament within a month.
"We have almost finished writing the report, it only remains to finalize some technical as well as lay out the document," said a member of the Commission, who requested anonymity.
In May 2009 states started the first hearings of the Commission and some 300 people have already been heard.These have, in turn, filed cases and are, in particular, spoke on the legacy of slavery or indentured.
"Many people who have filed, for example, have focused on the fact that these two traumatic periods of history cost them the loss of their property," said one of the commissioners.
The TRC had a period of 27 months to submit its report, but nevertheless had to request an extension of three months.
The second exercise of the TRC's work included research and consultation with its members to make recommendations to correct past mistakes. "This report will obviously be some sensitive issues, but should nevertheless be made public, because when it persists in refusing to confront our past that the nation remains divided," says our interlocutor.
The recommendations will likely include financial compensation, symbolic in some cases. However, Parliament has the last word.

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