Saturday, November 5, 2011

Two British tourists attacked in northern Kenya


Two British tourists were injured in an armed robbery in a tourist resort in northern Kenya, confirmed on Friday the head of the local police.
The police chief of the province of east, Marcus Marcus Ochalla Ochola said a British couple was attacked by a sniper in the Shaba Game Reserve , indicating that their driver was killed and two Britons were injured after the driver lost control of his car. According to the police chief, his men were sent to try to stop the perpetrator of the attack, the motive remains unknown. He said that the attack was not related to the military operation against the Kenyan military Shebab Islamist militia on Somali territory, following a series of kidnapping of foreigners in Kenya. "I think the Shebab are behind this attack, "the official said.
This attack was conducted one month after the kidnapping of a British and a French woman in the resorts on the Kenyan coast by gunmen from Somalia.
Release of 25 sailors
The 25 sailors of the ship MV Blida, who had been an act of piracy on the high seas in January, were released Thursday morning, said the spokesman of the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Amar Belani, in a written statement.
"It is with great joy and profound relief that we announce the release this morning of the 25 sailors of the crew of the MV Blida who were held hostage by Somali pirates," said the spokesman.
The Algerian flag bulk carrier, MV Blida, had suffered the first of January 2011 an act of piracy on the high seas on his way to the port of Mombasa in Kenya. The ship was carrying a crew of 27 members, including 17 of Algerian nationality. Deuxmarins, an Algerian and a Ukrainian, had been released on October 12, recalls one.
(Source: New China)

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