Saturday, November 5, 2011

Festival Reggae Donn Sa: Etana promises a warm show at Bambous


Jamaican Shauna McKenzie Etana alias arrived in Mauritius, Friday, Nov. 4, to complete the artistic palette of the 6th Festival Reggae Donn Sa, stage Germain Commarmond to Bamboo, this Saturday, November 5. The plateau is exclusively female.
The eight artists in the sixth edition of the Festival Reggae Donn Sa are ready for the big concert this Saturday, November 5 at the Stade Germain Commarmond at Bamboo. This is the Jamaican Etana, interprets songs, 'Free', 'Blessings', 'I'm Not Afraid', which among others was the last arrival. It is the voice of women victims of physical, sexual, and often overshadowed by those men in the world of Reggae music. "Women should not be viewed as sexual objects. We have love, compassion and peace in our heart, what makes us strong and able women, "she said, Friday, Nov. 4, at the La Plantation. She illustrated this by citing examples of several women who died after being abused. "My aunt was one of those battered women, she also died after her husband was savagely beaten , "she said beforehand.
Etana was in the company of other women with whom they share the stage this Saturday, November 5: Linzy Bacbotte, Laydee Haydee (Mauritius), Grace Barbe, Jahna Ranks (Seychelles), Malkijah (Reunion), Sydney (Madagascar). The Jamaican has repeatedly expressed his enthusiasm to participate in this festival. This is a first for her to attend a board composed entirely of women. " It will be an unprecedented concert that has a lot to me , "she said.
The musical artist who has in the past made ​​several duets with reggae greats like Richie Spice and Alborosie, argues that outside of its message, it is sure to surprise the audience with a " show power . " " It Will Be Hot, Men and Women Need to get ready for it , "she said.
Other stars of the festival, said that this platform is a lot for them. This sixth edition has shown that women do have a say on the reggae scene. "I remember when I started in this business in the early 2000s, it was very frowned upon by society. But I fought against all odds , "said the singer Laydee Haydee.

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